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Elderflower fritters
16/06/2010 15:15:48 | No Comments
Elderflower fritters With the recent spate of hot weather we've had, Elderflowers seem to be out early this year. With their delicate flavour - and short season - these fritters are a treat to savour.
Ice cream, coffee and almonds
30/06/2010 12:39:56 | No Comments
Ice cream, coffee and almonds Like fast cars and sunglasses, this is an Italian classic, ingeniously combining coffee and dessert in one.
Lemon meringue pie
04/02/2010 16:38:19 | No Comments
Lemon meringue pie My family’s culinary icon – there's nothing quite like seeing those sugary peaks fresh from the oven.
Lemon pudding
31/03/2010 16:43:11 | No Comments
Lemon pudding My mum and her mum (who lived with us), were formidable in the kitchen. It was like living with a Julia Childs double act. Night after night, ox tail soup; prawn cocktail, queen of puddings, would miraculously appear. Sometimes I longed for a takeaway or TV dinners just to break the dinner table formality. But after a cooking marathon like that, day in, day out, who can blame them for insisting we sit down to eat? And the puddings! This lemony surprise was always a winner. It separates into a spongy top with a hot lemony curd underneath.
31/03/2010 14:47:57 | No Comments
Pancakes This is one of those recipes that's been handed down through the generations. I remember my nanna cooking these, while I watched from the floor. And now, my 8 year old daughter makes them on her own.
14/04/2010 19:11:23 | No Comments
Pavlova Hey, I'm a New Zealander - we're a little possessive about our Pavlova! This one is based on one from our answer to Delia - the Edmonds "Sure to Rise" cookery book and makes a very traditional looking pav.
Tarte Tatin
07/05/2010 14:45:50 | No Comments
Tarte Tatin Basically an upside down open apple pie. Delicious!
07/05/2010 14:28:53 | No Comments
Tiramisu My friend Gudren has become famous for her Tiramisu - so I've stolen her recipe. Her trick is not to over soak the sponge so that everything becomes gloopy.

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