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Chicken and mushroom pie
07/05/2010 15:56:28 | No Comments
Chicken and mushroom pie On truly awful Winter days, this is comfort food at its best!
Chicken Catalan
18/05/2010 15:04:46 | No Comments
Chicken Catalan I saw this as one of those posh TV dinners and recreated my own version. It's delicious with rice - and becomes more like a paella.
Chorizo and lentil casserole
31/03/2010 16:32:20 | No Comments
Chorizo and lentil casserole This was a throw it all in and see what happens kind of dish, that has now become a family favourite. Perfect for those winter days when you just can't get warm.
Lamb tagine
31/03/2010 14:16:57 | No Comments
Lamb tagine I love Moroccan food, so this is my take on a tagine. I use lamb neck, a less familiar - and cheaper - cut of meat, which melts deliciously, when cooked slowly.
Mexican wraps
18/05/2010 15:17:29 | No Comments
Mexican wraps This is a great recipe for kids - they like to build and fold their own.
Roast chicken with sumac
24/06/2010 16:47:35 | No Comments
Roast chicken with sumac This is one of those accidental recipes discovered when I was looking for something different to do with a roast chicken - and it's become my favourite easy dinner party nosh.

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