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Revolting food – enough is enough!

Submitted by Susan Tomlinson on April 23, 2012 – 7:15 am 3 Comments

2Thank-you-to-0wugwEPwgq8pcj0bPSsMQHaFo1_400Just look at this. How revolting! And it’s hospital food. This is supposed to nourish and help you get better?

At Debate Your Plate, we say enough is enough!

We want to start a library of disgusting meals.

Whether it’s the macaroni cheese from your work cafeteria; the rubbery egg from your in-flight meal, that manky service station sandwich or even the disgusting plate of gloop you’ve paid a fortune for at some swanky restaurant. Why not gain some mild satisfaction by taking a photo of that swill on your plate and sending it into us.

Rest assured, we’ll commiserate with you. We’ll publish your photos – and your comments. Dodgy caterers beware: don’t be thinking you can serve us that plate of pigs slop and get away with it anymore!

Wherever somebody is serving you something that shouldn’t be called food. Go on. Take that photo. Send it in. We too will be saying: “Eew, that’s foul!”

Send your photos in to: info@debateyourplate.com, telling us when – and where – that plate of slop comes from.

Photo credit: Thanks to alcindamoore on hospitalfood.tumblr.com


Don’t even ask what that purple squishy thing is in the middle of the picture. I didn’t try it to find out. Dinner, Flight 672, London to Marrakech, Royal Air Maroc. May 20, 2010.

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