Recipes / Olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip

Okay – this seems a tad obvious but it’s a good one to remember when the fridge is empty of toppings. Use good quality oil or one that’s flavoured with garlic and herbs. Ingredients 3 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar bread Method 1.Pour the the olive oil onto a dish with raised sides. […]

Vintage food ads: Cocomalt

It might look like an apocalyptic world but it’s actually a 1920’s Cocomalt ad. The chocolatey drink was hugely popular back then and although we may have moved on from Cocomalt, it seems the health claims of food manufacturers were no different almost 100 years ago.

Top tips: Rescuing split mayonnaise

Braved making mayonnaise, only to watch it split? Before you throw it down the plug hole and reach for the Hellmann’s, help is at hand. There IS a way to save curdley, manky mayonnaise. Here’s our step by step guide… 1. Separate an egg – and pour the yolk into a bowl large enough for […]

Window farms

Do you live in an apartment? No space to grow your own food? Here’s the solution. A vertical veggie farm created entirely from a few plastic bottles, tubes, and a handful of seeds. It’s an ingenious design based on a hydroponic system with an air pump that drip feeds water and nutrients to the plants. […]

Willie Nelson: occupy the food corps

That’s Neil Young – okay maybe twenty years ago. But what’s he (and those fantastic side burns) got to do with protecting our food chain? Neil and his country music cousins Willie Nelson, Dave Matthews and John Mellancamp are founding members of a political food charity known as Farm Aid. And they’re all old hands […]

What fish is sustainable?

Many of our fish stocks are in short supply. Particular fishing techniques and over-fishing our oceans has led to the decline of many species. Now, more than ever, it’s important to ask where your fish has come from and to check whether it is an over-fished or endangered species. Our quick reference guide will help […]

Top five stupid kitchen gadgets

Now I like a good gadget. Nothing gives me quite as much pleasure as a humble potato peeler that corners like a Mini. But ergodynamics aside, it’s safe to say we’ve probably all fallen for the marketing spiel of a ridiculous gadget. One of my worst would have to be the battery operated twirling spaghetti fork. I know. […]

Thanksgiving with a twist

Upstate New York based Laura Chávez Silverman is our first guest blogger. She has her own fabulous blog called Glutton for Life but is writing for us in celebration of Thanksgiving. Talking Turkey: New traditions If ever there was a super-sized meal, it’s Thanksgiving. A classic American Thanksgiving is all about bounty, an overflowing cornucopia of […]

Tesco set to buy 77 more shops

It seems there is no stopping Tesco in their bid to buy up the UK high street. The latest is a bid on 77 Mills Group stores, all in the North East of England. The bid has angered the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS), who claim it means Tesco will have too bigger share in […]

Street food: Japanese okonomiyaki

Fumio Tanga lives in Clapton and loves to cook. As part of the now weekly Chatsworth Road Market, he makes Osaka style okonomiyaki, a true street food hailing from Hiroshima, his home town. Fumio talks to Karen Lobhan about his special okonomiyaki recipe, experimenting on his friends and his inspiration for starting the stall.